Day 8 – Until Next Year | Final Moments


On our last day here in Ecuador it was filled with bittersweet moments. The whole team helped in the morning with finishing up as much as we could with the construction which included clearing out leftover rocks in front of the church entrance, building a stage platform, electrical work, filling in walls, and hanging the beams for the structure of classrooms. For the final lesson with the kids, there was a long puppet show with the help of team members Hector, Ceci, and Ashley. The women helped make and pass out lunch for the children as well as do another craft that went with the lesson. Lucy and both of our Jorge’s helped teach the lessons for the day with the kids while including a lot of interaction and visual examples to help make the stories come to life. For our goodbye, we were surprised by a farewell party inside the church with many of the children and families. There was music from the band, heartwarming videos, and messages by the pastor to bid us farewell and to show gratitude. We were all both touched and grateful to have had the opportunity to share our time, resources, and hearts with the people.

Although, it was hard to leave and say goodbye to both San Carlos Church and The Bridge Church will cross paths once again next year.

Until the next missions trip to Ecuador, we will be reminiscing on all we experienced and learned with what God revealed to us in this past week.



Day 7 – Moments in Quito



With our second to last day of our trip, this one was both a little different for us as a team. Right after breakfast, the women went out to work with the women and children at a day center that helps families who work at the Quito dump/transfer site. The men stayed in the morning to continue construction on the church building. At the center, the women spent the whole afternoon/morning there. In the morning Lucy taught gave the women a message of encouragement and then conducted a craft which the team helped with passing out materials and joining in. We were able to pass out bags of toiletry items such as body wash and toothbrushes to each lady. Thanks to all the donations we had we even had extra bags to give to them. In the afternoon we performed two puppet skits with the team members Ashley, Maria, and Ceci. Glenda then taught a Bible lesson and after the team conducted a craft using the theme of the lesson taught. The afternoon was spent playing and interacting with the kids while sharing many laughs, hugs, and love. Once the men arrived after construction we all headed out for dinner together before going to our last location site for the day. At the dump site, Jerry and Jorge performed “Prayer of a Kingdom Solider” for the people who work at the transfer/dump site. These people have around 12-hour shifts each day sifting through trash at the transfer station to collect recyclable materials to then be able to sell and make a living. Many were the parents of the children the women worked with earlier that day. After their performance Pastor Jose gave a teaching and the whole team passed out cooked soup to all the people, By the end of the night over 5 people gave their lives to the Lord.

Day 6 – Something Sweet

Before we dive in, we apologize for the delay in post there was trouble with the internet connecion the last few days of our trip.


Getting more done with the church building, the men were hard at work doing electrical work and putting up beams where walls will one day stand as classrooms for programs. These programs will be helping both women and children. A picture speaks a thousand words and with the kids so much was done today. From a puppet skit with Miriam and Lucy to another powerful and visual lesson by Jorge. After teaching, the kids put homemade cookies in their boxes they made yesterday and did a creative craft with the women on the team. Both physical work outside and playful work with the kids resulted in another successful and heartwarming day.

Day 5 – A Strong Foundation


A second full day of work, love, and Jesus. For the building, the cement was laid down by the hard work of both our men and others who came to the rescue. The beams were carried by both our men and women to separate the rooms on the first floor of the church. A lot of hard work, sweat, scraping, and heavy lifting resulted in a productive work day. The team was invited to a young couple’s home for Lunch and was welcomed with much love and gratitude. To be able to see their own work with the church and generous/hospitable nature towards our team gave each of us more fire with the work that we do. During the afternoon with the kids, our team members Glenda and Miriam performed a puppet skit to get them both invested and entertained. Jorge Lorenzo taught a moving lesson by having all the kids travel outdoors and using the visual example of how if we build our foundation on the Lord, we can stand tall in the midst of trial. The looks of amazement on their faces with the powerful visual brought much glory. The team then worked with them on a craft to write and personalize aprons and cookie boxes as the following day they will make cookies and be able to take them home. To get some fun and play in all the kids went outside to field and played soccer and taught our members running games. Being outside in their element and having them teach us games was not only sweet, but moments that will carry on with us. To end the night the team built a fire and made smores for some tasty team bonding.

Day 4 – Right at Work


This was our first full day at work and wow what we are able to not only accomplish but gain in our hearts while doing so. While the men were hard at work outside the whole morning working on finishing the sidewalk (lots of heavy lifting and rocks), the women spent the morning organizing donations. The girls made close to 200 bags filled with toiletries that will be given to families who work at a dump site. In the afternoon, Jorge Lorenzo shared a lesson with the kids about the armor of God. He chose one little boy to come to the front and went through each armor piece as Jerry placed it on him. The boy’s face was full of joy and pride, which melted the team’s hearts. The team danced, sang, and worked on crafts with the kids the rest of the afternoon. After this first day we are only ready for more and to see God move.

Day 3 – The Armor of GOD

36002446_10217426169392848_2967653815479697408_n.jpgIMG_5537.jpg IMG_5544.jpg36086845_10217426150192368_4708966430681333760_n.jpg36036514_10217435960597622_2393406569061548032_n.jpg36200130_10217435959077584_995192824980832256_n.jpgWhat a day! On this Sunday morning, we joined for the church service and was welcomed with so much love and warmth by the people. Our team members Jerry Silva and Jorge Lorenzo performed “Prayer of the Kingdom Solider” in front of the congregation. This performance was done at The Bridge Church a few times. It was worked through Jerry’s heart when he acted when he felt God’s calling to make this prayer come to life years ago. This time around Jorge was by his side as his fellow soldier. Although Spanish isn’t Jerry’s primary language God spoke through him as he spoke every word both with conviction and strength in Spanish. The whole team sang the song “Be One” by Natalie Grant in the middle of the service for the church as well. All the prayers for these performance pieces were felt, as what we witnessed showed God’s movement and voice through our own voices.  The children also sang 10,000 reasons with some in English to welcome and thank the team. There was much love within the church and quite amazing to see what this building that The Bridge Church helped build was housing. It serves as a place of truth, transformation, and hope for the surrounding community in Ecuador.For the afternoon, the team had the privilege to be able to eat authentic cuisine out on the town and see more of the glorious land that is Ecuador. The main attraction was the chance to travel right to the center of the world – the Equator!

Day 2 – A Little Sight-Seeing Doesn’t Hurt Nobody


This day of fun was for recharging our bodies and appreciating what the country has to offer. We ate at local and authentic restaurants and even got to meet once again our own Ceci Cabrera’s family. Grazing over the mountain tops countryside, making friends with llamas, and spending the day with a fellow missions team from Washington state – this was a day that was one for the books.